[bisq-network/proposals] Allow direct communication between traders (#90)

Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Tue May 21 16:42:23 UTC 2019

For the record, if (for whatever reason) implementing chat for traders becomes an issue, there's an interesting project called [Briar](https://briarproject.org/) which does peer-to-peer messaging over Tor. Conceptually they seem quite similar to Bisq.

With desktop apps, and proper auditing from our end to make sure everything is as advertised, their software may be able to provide the functionality we need.

At the moment they only have an Android app, so we would need more cross-platform options to actually use it in conjunction with Bisq. I was in touch with their founder recently to see where they are on desktop software, and it seems they're short on resources to release them until Fall of this year at the earliest.

But their core software is built in Java, and the founder was really happy when I told him about NetLayer, which apparently is a fork of a fork of Briar's original Tor plugin from years ago (small world!).

Anyway, point here is that there's another project out there working on something very similar, and people should be aware of it, even if we don't directly collaborate with them or use their software 👍

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