[bisq-network/proposals] Implementation of protection tools: strengthening Account Age by requiring payments from 2 Bank Accounts (#93)

mpolavieja notifications at github.com
Tue May 21 22:27:08 UTC 2019

> 'Account age calculation procedure' section rather difficult to understand

That´s because it is written having edge cases in mind and thinking from the point of view of the Bisq client that has to verify everything by itself.   This procedure basically means that payment accounts only begin to age from the date that an old enough user has confirmed a trade with 2 payments from different payment accounts.

> The whole banning concept relies on someone having the ability to trigger bans.It would be nice to be able to not have such a single point of authority

Fully agree. Steve and I initially thought of proposing a decentralized system.  We have worked through it quite in depth and we think it is certainly possible but it would be much longer to implement and since it would be based on bonding BSQ we thought to better leave it out and wait until the trading protocol also upgrades.

The mischievous family :


- When a chargeback occurs in a payment account, all payment accounts of that user (“brother” accounts) are permanently banned

- The payment accounts triggered by the same Triggering User (“cousin” accounts) are temporarily blacklisted and need to verify again

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