[bisq-network/proposals] Bring BSQ discount on fees from 90% to 80% (#94)

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Wed May 22 11:11:33 UTC 2019

Since the BSQ fee is set as a parameter through the DAO it would be best to create two proposals to change a parameter, one to change DEFAULT_MAKER_FEE_BSQ (currently at 0.5 BSQ per BTC traded) and one to change DEFAULT_TAKER_FEE_BSQ (currently at 1.5 BSQ per BTC traded.

Since the value of BSQ/BTC has already changed since launch the current fee in BSQ is even less than it originally was, currently closer to 94% discount. Setting maker fee to 1.6 BSQ and taker fee to 4.8 BSQ would bring it to about 80% discount as suggested.

This is something we'll have to calibrate every month as long as the BSQ/BTC rate is volatile. Might as well start now. I suggest discussing here first to get some consensus on new param settings before publishing a proposal through the client though.

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