[bisq-network/proposals] Implementation of protection tools: strengthening Account Age by requiring payments from 2 Bank Accounts (#93)

mpolavieja notifications at github.com
Wed May 22 11:20:31 UTC 2019

> A user who wants to corner a market could easily game this feature

The basic idea is that the BTC seller would need to challenge the buyer through a trade with highest security deposits or with BSQ bonding, and involving a randomly selected triggering user.   The challenge would put the Buyer on a temporary blacklist which would downgrade its account age to 0. If the buyer is able to make the 2 payments again, the Seller would lose the bond / security deposit.  If the buyer fails to overcome the challenge, he would be permanentely banned.  The seller could have is account age rejected to 0 or even be banned if he fails on his challenges more than 2 or 3 times. The DAO wouldn't be involved.

This is the very basic concept. The full idea deals with quite a few nuances and edge cases.   

But since this proposal is already difficult, I suggest to discuss this after a decission on this proposal is made, or in a separate thread if you agree.

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