[bisq-network/proposals] Implementation of protection tools: strengthening Account Age by requiring payments from 2 Bank Accounts (#93)

mpolavieja notifications at github.com
Thu May 23 17:32:11 UTC 2019

Overall, we need to find a balance between on-boarding UX and protecting already on-board traders, specially active traders.   Active traders can be both the strength and the Achilles heel of Bisq.   Active users are the ones that have a huge chance of getting hit by scammers.  

If we get a scammer every once in a while, it will most likely hit active traders who always post offers, so only a few scamming events would lead to lose a lot of liquidity if active trader's accounts are slowly but relentlessly getting closed.    Moreover, as active traders are very easy to spot by banks, even if the account of the active trader is not closed, all the accounts that have traded with him from the same sender bank of the scammer are at high risk of being closed (this has already happened with some banks).

Users that initially join with the clear idea of active trading might be careful since the beginning.  But users that become active without planning might be dangerous if Bisq does not easily take them through a secure path, specially considering that most Bisq users are honest which might very easily lead to relax security as most trades are settled without any problem at all.

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