[bisq-network/growth] Move away from Google Hangouts for live events (#133)

Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Thu May 23 19:00:21 UTC 2019

We were already fighting against their new interface for livestreaming, which changed unexpectedly a few times, but today it didn't work at all.

This was probably just a 1-time bug/snafu. But Google's product management doesn't inspire any confidence in me. They have demonstrated that they have no issues haphazardly breaking/debilitating/discontinuing any of their services at any time.

I suggest we look for a new livestreaming tool. 

We need:

- minimal setup (ideally, no browser extension or software required for viewers)
- ability to record (for eventual upload to youtube)
- ideally no time limits for group calls
- ability to have at least 10 people participating in a video call

Jitsi and Riot have been suggested so far. Please suggest others you like.

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