[bisq-network/proposals] Certification for ownership of a bank account (#23)

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Fri May 24 14:03:59 UTC 2019

One big failing on the part of the banks, which is one of the main causes of our problems with stolen accounts, is that they are presumably not providing 2FA for bank transfers.

My bank's online banking requires 2FA for every transfer (regardless of size), so it would be difficult for a scammer to steal money by bank transfer even if they had my login details. They would need access to the 2FA method also.

Knowing that some banks require 2FA and some do not is something that we could possibly use to our advantage, if we could compile a list of banks (ie routing numbers etc.) that are less vulnerable to account theft. 

Compiling this list reliably would be a challenge in itself, however it could be a means to mitigate some of the problems we are having by directing users to sign up accounts with banks in their country that cause fewer problems for Bisq as they have more secure systems. Users of those banks could benefit from reduced verification requirements for higher trade limits.

If this sounds like an idea worth exploring then I am happy to create a separate proposal for the idea of maintaining a list of "more secure banks" that we could use as part of the input to whatever verification and reputation system we choose to use.

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