[bisq-network/proposals] Investigate alternative implementation for bisq (as basis for V2 / off-chain trading) (#125)

Alexey Zagarin notifications at github.com
Mon Oct 7 13:54:40 UTC 2019

I believe @bodymindarts is doing a great job rewriting the `Bisq` protocol in Rust. Don't get me wrong, `Bisq` is awesome and the current Java implementation was great to launch the project and to onboard new users.

But there are issues. It has highly coupled components, making it difficult to extend, refactor or test. I'm following threads here on API implementation for more than a year already and I see how difficult is to make it work with current architecture. There were already several PRs that were rejected due to the number of changes needed to be done. I can imagine this might demotivate developers to continue the work and makes it difficult to attract new ones. Also, the current implementation is unsuitable for constrained hardware, such as Raspberry Pi, as it consumes a lot of resources. Some dependencies are outdated and unmaintained, the aforementioned BitcoinJ is just the most critical example. Not to say we have to stick with JDK10 which is not even LTS and might have security issues.

Besides the technical part, things like "Everyone should upgrade to version X before date Y because trading protocol will stop working" don't sound like decentralized governance to me. The modular, independent implementation (or better several implementations) will allow people to use only those features that they really need. For example, to me altcoins trading and GUI make little sense, and I know that I'm not alone. :) Also, not locking the project to the sole ecosystem and porting it to different architectures would help the protocol maturity IMHO.

We should encourage more independent implementations!

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