[bisq-network/bisq-website] New multilanguage system (#260)

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Tue Oct 8 18:40:36 UTC 2019

@erciccione Hey can you test this yourself and fix all the remaining issues before @m52go and I re-review your PR again? For example, do this to diff the source code against the current live site:
curl https://deploy-preview-260--bisq-website.netlify.com/ja/dao/ > 260
curl https://bisq.network/ja/dao/ > live
diff -u live 260
I just did this again and there are still tons of issues, like this "/ja/" reference becoming "/ja":
-    <a class="navbar-brand" href="/ja/"><img src="https://d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net/aecfa9ee0e182f2b64970b
1000095ae27311f991/61d30/images/bisq-logo.svg" height="30"/></a>
+   <a class="navbar-brand" href="/ja"><img src="https://d33wubrfki0l68.cloudfront.net/aecfa9ee0e182f2b64970b10
00095ae27311f991/61d30/images/bisq-logo.svg" height="30"/></a>
Or the hreflang parameter disappearing from this <a> tag:
-              <a href="/dao/" hreflang="en">English 🌐</a>
+               <a href="/">English 🌐</a>
And maybe 5 or 10 more like this. You will also see why the whitespace and indentation are not "nitpicking" - it makes the diff very difficult to check. Please make the output from this PR as identical as possible to the live site, it shouldn't really change anything at all, there shouldn't even be a diff to check :)

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