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Wed Oct 9 11:30:17 UTC 2019

Some parts are looking different beacause they are different. This is not just a refactor, i had to edit files and change things, not just add variables and functions. As i already explained in past (for example in https://github.com/bisq-network/bisq-website/pull/248#issuecomment-533110278) the situation of this repository is really bad and apparently it only got patches on the top of a broken system, so excuse me if i'm a bit weirded out when i see as a pr-stopper "there are a lot of newlines" (not even in the source code, in that case this complaint would make sense, but in the resulting built code).

@wiz veiled provocations are starting to be very annoying. I never intended to leave something out, just to include it in a different PR to not clutter this one with minor changes (even if i understand that when the repo it's directly deployed to master, you want to have the PR as perfect as possible. This is IMO an issue: see #261 ). Also, I did heavily tested this work and i see that i made some gross mistakes. I apologize for those, i don't have much experience as a web developer and this work was a useful lesson that allowed me to find some problems in my workflow (which are partly responsible for some mistakes).

That doesn't change the fact that the way this PR is being reviewed is a nightmare.
Seems like most of the submitted reviews are based on the built website, not on the actual source code and they are mostly posted using *screenshots*. Even after i asked to stop because they were making working on this much harder. In some cases even screenshots of the built code! which i had to figure out were it came from, wasting a considerable amount of time. There are even screenshots of text in Japanese, which i had to figure out where the hell was coming from, because i cannot just grep text from a screenshot and i definitely cannot write japanese characters.
I accepted this inefficient and flawed workflow just for the sake of finally having a scalable and structured website as a good base to work on. I agree with you @m52go, this repo definitely need a better reviewing process.

For example: 

> there are still tons of issues, like this "/ja/" reference becoming "/ja"

My question that is still unanswered is: why is this an issue? I would totally understand if it's breaking something (that link seems to work properly), like other issues that were correctly rised, but looks like the only reason to point that out is that the reference is different from the precedent built source code. Maybe something changed in the way that reference is dealt with, and the final slash is not necessary anymore? It's extremely weird that i'm asked to change it back just because it's different, without telling me what it's even breaking. Please tell me if i'm missing something.

If my work has problems and you intend to review in a reasonable way, i'm happy to fix the issues when pointed out (like the problems of the missing hreflang and the html leaking in that japanese mobile page), otherwise - and if the "integrity" of this work doesn't appeal you or you consider it of low quality - please let me know and i will just close this PR.

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