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Wed Oct 9 17:13:54 UTC 2019

## 2019.09 report

### Growth Calls

New call format continues to go well.

Two calls were held, one about strategies for bootstrapping new markets, and another to explore new social channels.

### Volume

September saw a drop in Monero trading, which resulted in a depressed BSQ market. But fiat trading was still relatively solid in spite of trading limits at 45.8 BTC for the month. In historical terms, overall numbers were still quite strong—there were 2 415 total trades at an average of 81 per day (third highest ever).

The high number of trades shows interest in Bisq remains strong...just that trade sizes aren't very big at the moment. Hopefully that changes soon as fiat buying limits are lifted soon with v1.2. And the Monero market has always fluctuated wildly, so there's no surprise there.

Fiat volume was 45.8 BTC while altcoin volume was 1091.33 for a total of 1137.13 BTC for the month (more details [here](https://bisq.network/stats/) and [here](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1o-I5fAx7DJRVqYjW8fPbo0ztlGIhIZ1EM2iLc5aEHnA)).

### Intentional Efforts

Intentional established market efforts remain on hold until fiat trading limits are lifted with v1.2.

wiz continues to grind in Japan (and globally) with IRL events, a new payment method, a Keybase group, and a flurry of bang-on Bisq tweets.

FKrauss is working on translations and payment methods for Brazil, but even now, BTC-BRL is a top-5 trading pair by closed trades and a top-3 trading pair by open offers.

/cc https://github.com/bisq-network/compensation/issues/372

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