[bisq-network/bisq] Hash of ProtectedStoragePayload is non-deterministic (#3367)

chimp1984 notifications at github.com
Wed Oct 9 18:13:40 UTC 2019


Thanks for sharing your code version.

I tested with that to see how many `RefreshOfferMessage` would have conflicts (e.g. you receive one but it has no corresponding entry with that hash in the map). It happend 1 times in a test run of about 1 hour. I will leave it running longer, but a low number of such mismatches is expected as it can be that the offer was removed before you receive a refresh message due network delays.

I also counted the number of OfferPayloads and it was the same number (308) as the displayed offers, so it seems there are no duplicates entry in the map.

I could verify that the bytes from the network (according your code version) are different in many cases (number of accumulated conflicts goes to 180 in my test) but I am not clear yet why that would not reflect in more conflicts with `RefreshOfferMessage`.  

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