[bisq-network/proposals] Investigate alternative implementation for bisq (as basis for V2 / off-chain trading) (#125)

Justin Carter notifications at github.com
Fri Oct 11 18:38:26 UTC 2019

There are currently 20 direct dependencies some of which could be conceivably cut down if desired.

I have added a small `make` command to output the total number of deps (including build and dev deps). Its not exact but gives a good estimation:
To run it you need to install the [cargo-tree](https://github.com/sfackler/cargo-tree) plugin.
$ cargo install cargo-tree
$ make no-of-deps
  cargo tree | grep -v '(*)' | grep -v '\[' | wc -l

I'm interested to know how this compares with bisq but cannot find a simple way of listing the deps.  

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