[bisq-network/proposals] Add incubator space (#122)

Steve Jain notifications at github.com
Fri Oct 11 19:42:22 UTC 2019

I think we need to establish some conventions for compensation on incubator projects. I understand the incubator's potential utility for major long-term projects, but it opens a huge gap in governance.

An incubator project can theoretically do a huge amount of work in perpetuity for code separate from the original project and acquire a significant degree of influence over the _original_ code base that they don't contribute to. I don't think that's right.

At a minimum, there should be milestones (approved by consensus, with time and cost estimates) so stakeholders have some metric of how well the original proposal is being executed and some basis for knowing whether money the network is allocating to these experiments is worthwhile or not. 

Maybe there could also be a percentage discount on compensation (perhaps something like 50-75%) until the project is either delivered (merged to the main repository) or until it hits the predefined milestones approved by consensus. Only at these points can the developers obtain the remaining 50-75% of their compensation.

This is effectively a crude "vesting" schedule like what you would get working for a startup with an unknown/uncertain future exit.

Without some such defined mechanism, the DAO is a blank check for funding code that lacks all the governance of the original code base.

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