[bisq-network/bisq] Trade bug | 162734-a8c9cb97-e643-4c63-95df-61689cd36406-116 (#3428)

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Fri Oct 18 15:09:22 UTC 2019

# Error at creating the  deposit transaction

[Expected Results]
After taking the offer and making the take offer transaction, under Portfolio > Open Trades, the taker should see information regarding the trade, mainly a 'Deposit transaction Id' and a message saying that it's waiting for confirmations on it.

[Actual Results]
The BTC buyer and offer maker's screen didn't get past the "waiting on blockchain confirmation"
The software generated a contract json file that include these as the make offer transaction ID and take offer transaction ID despite not recording them in the trade_statistics.json file (trade history):
  makeOfferTxID:  848df2f166e16b8dfeaa9511980f5b40d9287bec7582679e9bfe48af9733b774 - On the blockchain
  takeOfferTxID: 27b0777ab08cf8d2686a305b48e931b38e174f4ea31c2ca9664a2c31f3296a43 - On the blockchain
  depoistTxID: a20134762fd9af7bf94b2fecd197cf2567454cf3ac16dcdb7796eb470029bda7 - Not on the blockchain

The maker and taker transaction IDs (blocks 597051 and 597297) seem valid but the deposit transaction ID doesn't as it predates the other two (block 596146).

Info recorded on Bisq's trade history:
tradeId: 162734-a8c9cb97-e643-4c63-95df-61689cd36406-116
offerUtcDate: 2019/09/28 23:38
tradeUtcDate: 2019/09/30 15:39
makeOfferTxId: nan
takerOfferTxId: nan
depositTxId: nan
payoutTxId: nan

Bisq version: 1.1.6

forum - https://bisq.community/t/seller-has-not-sent-btc/8454
compensation request by BTC buyer, offer maker @abjea - https://github.com/bisq-network/support/issues/298

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