[bisq-network/support] Clarify BSQ reimbursement (#267)

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Tue Oct 22 15:37:18 UTC 2019

In my opinion we should not use the reimbursement proposals for loss of funds due to bugs. It would be better if this could be refunded right away by a contributor whose role it is to handle such issues. This contributor would then request compensation for all the refunds given in their compensation request. It isn't reasonable to assess these smaller reimbursement proposals otherwise and the refund process would be much faster if handled by a contributor. I don't mean to say that 800 BSQ isn't a lot for an individual but rather that it would be untenable to handle a lot of these reimbursement requests.

What I think we should reimbursement proposals for is larger reimbursements, where for example funds have been burnt due to malicious activity or other larger events that's harder to cover for an individual contributor. Those kinds of events might also warrant more scrutiny than common bugs.

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