[bisq-network/proposals] Improve support and prioritize bug fixes in trade process (#130)

wiz notifications at github.com
Mon Oct 28 12:23:18 UTC 2019

> We need to work on the tx not published bug.

To be clear, the "TX not being published" issue is a symptom of several bugs. The actual issue is that Bisq is creating invalid Bitcoin transactions, which get rejected by Bitcoin nodes when Bisq tries to publish them, and Bisq does not properly handle this exception from bitcoinj. Bisq should not commit transactions into its wallet if its Bitcoin nodes refuse to publish them.

As for the root case of why Bisq is creating invalid TX, this can happen for many reasons, but because Bisq is silently ignoring this, we don't get the logs reported from users unless we're really lucky, and so we don't know all of the possible cases. For example I know of these causes:

- While it's technically possible to mine a Bitcoin TX with zero fee, such a TX won't get relayed through the Bitcoin network because current default settings in Bitcoin Core set minrelayfee=1 which is 1 satoshi/vbyte. There is a bug that can cause TX created with < 1 sat/vbyte fee, so as a temp fix we increased the minimum fee setting to 2 sats/vbyte.

- There is a "virus" case where if someone with a corrupted wallet takes my offer using an invalid TX, since my Bisq doesn't verify if the taker's TX was actually published on the network, my Bisq wallet now becomes corrupted as well with a new invalid TX that spends change of an invalid TX. If I then accept someone's offer, I continue to spread the "virus"

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