[bisq-network/projects] Reduce bandwidth-requirement on Bisq app startup (#25)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Wed Apr 1 09:28:47 UTC 2020

If checking the blobs in is the intended solution, @freimair, I'd like us to look into doing this properly with Git LFS instead, and at the same time migrating the `p2p/src/main/resources` files there, too. GitHub has a free tier we might want to start with. I ran some basic numbers and I think we could get away with it, but it depends on how many people are cloning the repository every month (because the pricing is metered on bandwidth used). We could also potentially run our own LFS server, but it would probably be best to go with the free GitHub service until we see we're running it out.

- https://git-lfs.github.com/
- https://help.github.com/en/github/managing-large-files/about-storage-and-bandwidth-usage

/cc @wiz as running our own LFS server would be ops territory. Just FYI at this point.

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