[bisq-network/bisq] Add donation address check for open trades (#4135)

chimp1984 notifications at github.com
Wed Apr 8 01:03:13 UTC 2020

@chimp1984 commented on this pull request.

> +
+        // Get most recent donation address.
+        // We do not support past DAO param addresses to avoid that those receive funds (no bond set up anymore).
+        // Users who have not synced the DAO cannot trade.
+        String recentDonationAddressString = daoFacade.getParamValue(Param.RECIPIENT_BTC_ADDRESS);
+        // In case the seller has deactivated the DAO the default address will be used.
+        String defaultDonationAddressString = Param.RECIPIENT_BTC_ADDRESS.getDefaultValue();
+        TransactionOutput output = delayedPayoutTx.getOutput(0);
+        NetworkParameters params = btcWalletService.getParams();
+        Address address = output.getAddressFromP2PKHScript(params);
+        if (address == null) {
+            // The donation address can be as well be a multisig address.
+            address = output.getAddressFromP2SH(params);
+            checkNotNull(address, "address must not be null");

Wallet should be initiatialized at that moment. Why do you think it can cause an issue?

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