[bisq-network/proposals] Reimburse victims of the security incident using the DAO via a Special Refund Agent (#206)

chimp1984 notifications at github.com
Fri Apr 10 15:56:56 UTC 2020

Additional idea how to make BSQ lock-up connected to reimbursement. 
We could require that the victim locks up first the amount of BSQ he gets reimbursed. Only after lockup was proven the reimbursement will be accepted. I am aware that this had the disadvantage that they need to buy BSQ first (potentially driving up price) and later when they get reimbursed might sell off (crashing the price). Also they might not be willing to make that upfront investment. So might not be a good idea, but wanted to share as it would not require any code change.

I looked to the possibilities to lockup the reimbursement directly and its not possible consensus-wise. It would have been an extra feature which is not implemented.

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