[bisq-network/bisq] Bisq allows seller to omit mediation (#4162)

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Sun Apr 12 09:05:18 UTC 2020

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### Description

1. Buyer pays seller XMR. 
2. Seller doesn't confirm or respond chat.
3. Buyer waits one or two hours and opens mediation. 
4. Mediator demands proof of payment, which is provided by buyer.
5. Seller still doesn't answer.
6. Seller has 10 days to release locked funds, omitting mediator's suggestion.

### Expected behaviour

<!--description of the expected behavior -->

Trade protocol should allow to keep multisig deposit locked when mediation has been requested.
I don't know how to technically solve this flaw, but once trade period expires and mediation is open, both traders should agree on payout before multisig funds are released.

### Actual behaviour

As long as he acts before arbitration, seller don't have any incentive to accept mediator suggestion once they have received buyer's payment.

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