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Wed Apr 15 10:49:06 UTC 2020

Did you try to tell the other two translators to reach #transifex Keybase channel and read about Bisq DAO and [translation ](https://bisq.wiki/Translation)guidelines? This is what I told you in private and I wrote [here](https://github.com/bisq-network/roles/issues/20#issuecomment-605485488) after realizing the budget was overloaded: submit all compensation requests that should be reviewed and then we'll talk about how it will be compensated.

There is no budget for website translation. There might be some changes soon on the web and translation efforts will be focused only on a few parts of it. Some strings of the website were translated this cycle, although you should already knew that there's high budget restrictions and focus is on bisq-desktop.

I know how many words contain the Bisq-desktop project. How many have you translated? I'll do that job:

At this time, transifex says that you have translated 13057 words, which stands for 914 USD. But take into consideration that when you review a translator and modify a string, it counts you as translator as well.
So there's an uncertain amount of strings like those in the second picture that are reviews and are counted as translations.



The other 2 translators have now ate least 3495 and 1565 words to be compensated for, in total 354 USD. So your compensation for bisq-desktop translation must not exceed 1256.92 - 354 = **902,92 USD**. You still need to take into consideration the strings that may appear as translated by you and are just modified due to revisions.


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