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Fri Apr 17 02:50:59 UTC 2020

Cycle 11-12: **142** cases were mediated on March, that is double the monthly average due to the fact that the other mediator stepped down mid-cycle I was left with double the cases.

-this is an overview of the monthly cases up until now:
> 16 cases from the old mediation.
> 83 cases in November
> 62 on December
> 69 on January
> 61 on February
> 142 on March 
> 38  on April so far

On the last cycle I mentioned that the main concern relied on the seller not confirming the mediation ticket proposal, knowing (or perhaps not fully knowing in most cases) they would lose their deposit, even then, they would still disappear after they received the fiat/altcoin payment from the btc buyer. This issue is still happening on this cycle and it does not have an obvious solution but we are currently working with the entire support team to solve this as soon as possible, specially given that we faced an attack and it passed as undetected for a week as a result of it being a recurring issue within the daily mediations.

Similarly, the main problem when talking about user-experience is that the seller can even confirm the payment after 9 days and would still get his funds without any penalty. That **can't** be the norm for a trader who is using the app correctly and is still being penalized. 

The new fixed rate of 1000 USD for the mediation role is done to ensure the mediator's interests are aligned with Bisq's. Before the 11th Cycle the price used for compensation per case was cut in half  to  **16.5 USD** . Out of the 313 cases I had closed until then, only 162 were accounted for, corresponding to 2 cycles respectively, that leaves 151 cases unaccounted for or the equivalent of 2 cycles worth of cases. In the per-case scenario, that would amount to 2491,5 USD. Even though that would be the right price agreed upon for that time period, I believe that given the recent events on Bisq, its best to account it as just two cycles with the new fixed system, so that would equate to 2000 USD. The compensation for this cycle would then would be:
- 2000 USD from 2 earlier cycles to get up to date
- 1000 USD for cycle 12

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