[bisq-network/proposals] Keeping BSQ trading fee discount at 50% of BTC (#202)

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Fri Apr 17 08:56:28 UTC 2020

### Update for cycle 12

There's no need to update fees for Cycle 12. Current BSQ discount is 50.1%, into the 44-55% range.

7050 USD/BTC and 0.61 USD/BSQ has been used to calculate new fees. USD/BTC is bitcoinaverage price at this time, and USD/BSQ is weighted volume 30 day moving average as displayed in Bisq node v1.3.2


You can view the spreadsheet [here](https://cryptpad.fr/sheet/#/2/sheet/view/9wasbqRHbCYoknAdPQdFR3cdYaYaesxTBpqJGIteX2M/)

I consider this proposal approved and voting not necessary. Changes are small and I have not seen oposition to it. The 15% cap on BSQ % raise might be the most controversial or subject to change aspect of this proposal, I leave this open for review in next cycles.

@cbeams @mpolavieja Do you think that for next cycles, a new proposal should be open, or should this one be kept open?  I think that Proposals is the best way to proceed with this. I'll do what you think it's best, and modify the [wiki ](https://bisq.wiki/Update_BSQ_trading_fees) accordingly.

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