[bisq-network/proposals] Trust-Minimizing Solution for Onboarding New Bisq Users Without BTC Ownership (Nocoiners) (#214)

dav1dpgit notifications at github.com
Sun Apr 19 09:29:27 UTC 2020

> Thanks. I think a limited number of offers (1 to 5 slots) per currency+settlement methodology isa good place to start to ensure it does not overtake normal trading patterns. This could be throttled up over time if it is successful. Same with the price cap I responded to in the above comment.
> Why would it take over normal trading patterns? If this offer type is more difficult, more risky, and has lower limits, sellers will prefer to place the normal offer type. This leads me to think that the DAO might be required to incentivise sellers to create these onboarding offers. However, if this new offer type is implemented, it's worth testing how often it's used in the market before actually introducing this bounty. I think a first-time buyer will not care about paying for a price premium, even if it's a double-digit premium - which is the incentive for the market maker.

Thanks @dexter-2 , I agree overall with you on your perspective and happy to leave it to the implementation team as to if, how and when to set up limits and test those theories.  We want to incentivise existing process flow over this flow, hence the limits.

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