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## Summary

The core idea is to make support, content and relationship efforts focused to grow the Bisq markets on LATAM.

## What?

This idea is a continental effort in Latin America to grow Bisq brand awareness, presence, and adoption in the region. 
I will seek to create content and support for the community in Spanish.

This will be by stages and the countries with a central focus are Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.

It will be managed through the following "Bisq en EspaƱol" media:


It will also refer to [Twitter](https://twitter.com/BisqEs) account.

## Why

LATAM is truly a region where cryptocurrencies are booming due to mismanagement by banks and governments. Society is tired and is looking for real alternatives to current systems.

The main countries in LATAM where the use and exchange of cryptocurrencies (excluding Brazil) are:
Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia.

## How

It really is a big job to do, and the goal is to make these markets start to have movement and grow, this also with the purpose of having collaborators and MM in the countries previously mentioned (Following the Bisq DAO decentralization mission). 

This first stage will consist of 3 months to evaluate the results (everything will include a monthly report of what has been done together with the evaluation comments)

Mexico will be the first objective (since it is where I currently live) and where I am already participating.

The second objective will be Argentina since I have many contacts from that country who are traders, market makers and even only use bitcoin to receive remittances.

These two objectives will be the priority in the next three months.

For Mexico, the goal is increment volume and for Argentina having someone claim the ARS / BTC
(#172 )  reward and then growing the market.

Everything will be achieved through the generation of content, translations and support in Spanish.

#### Facebook:

- Content creation, share Bisq news and events.
- Minimum two monthly broadcasts shared on Facebook groups (especially about trading and bitcoin) on how to exchange Bisq and/or frequently asked questions.

#### Youtube:
Weekly videos will be made
- Tutorials
- FAQs
- Announcements
- Relevant Bitcoin news (especially for LATAM).

#### Telegram:
- Support in Spanish
- Announcements are shared

#### Medium:
- Articles about Bisq news and 
experiences are written about the use of Bisq or participation in the DAO
- Medium is a good starting point for Blockchain media in Latin America to get informed and write articles about Bisq

`All future content can also be used on Spanish Twitter.`

Content will focus on users who really care about their privacy and want to buy/sell bitcoins safely.

Also for medium to long-term traders and MM.

## Who

I am willing to carry out this task, I have experience participating in the largest blockchain events in LATAM and I also have good communication with the main Crypto-Blockchain communities since I previously collaborated with a cryptocurrency in LATAM travelling to each country in this region ( excluding Brazil).

I have also collaborated with Bisq previously `(Writing articles, making videos and giving telegram support)`:
[Cycle 9](https://github.com/bisq-network/compensation/issues/469)
[Cycle 10](https://github.com/bisq-network/compensation/issues/496)
[Cycle 12](https://github.com/bisq-network/compensation/issues/530)

## Costs

Costs will depend on the monthly budget and the work done in each month.
I estimate:
min: `700 BSQ`
max: `1900 BSQ`

At the end of the first three months, the results will be evaluated and decide whether it will continue or not.

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