[bisq-network/proposals] Trust-Minimizing Solution for Onboarding New Bisq Users Without BTC Ownership (Nocoiners) (#214)

dav1dpgit notifications at github.com
Fri Apr 24 06:46:59 UTC 2020

BISQ should become the go-to place for bitcoin purchases for nocoiners.

More thoughts on the sabotage attack prevention where **Sabotage attack defined as create many payment accounts, take all offers never pay, remove availability of those offers.**

a) As mentioned before, initially limit the open offer count to make it a slow-moving attack lowering the time-spent value of attackers.
b) Without a count limit, either separate-party vouching or requesting for transaction through a separate medium such as keybase #general room or reddit.
c) This is more extreme but possible: Create a proof-of-work equivalent concept for nocoiners to require them to invest computing power before they can lift an offer.  This could be a POW similar to bitcoin (much less difficult so that it can be done on a home machine,) or it could be a POW that is contributed to a 3rd party (charity, etc.)

a & b above are speedbumps to slow down sabotage attacks but not perfect.  'c', the last idea above, solves @chimp1984 comment about the buyer not having incentive to play to the rules.  @chimp1984 , would you agree?

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