[bisq-network/growth] Start and growth LATAM market (#190)

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Fri Apr 24 17:15:14 UTC 2020

I proposed @luisantoniocrag  to open a facebook account specialized in LATAM after seeing the MXN bounty, his will to take on ARS bounty and the videos he created. The reason why I thought  Facebook was a good idea for LATAM market was that @mpolavieja saw that there were a lot of argentinians trying to perform some trades without guarantees.

The proposed it's a nice plan, but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to execute it step by step and focus for the moment just on the Facebook part, so we can see how it goes and then decide next steps.
Medium is a specialized media and only big announcements and articles (blogging) should be made there. Efforts need to be carefully calculated, and audience (current users) is still quite small.

Social network efforts for markets without almost any trading activity should prioritize into contact local people willing to start trading in their countries, detecting their needs and letting them know we are there if they need us.

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