[bisq-network/roles] Refund Agent (#93)

RefundAgent notifications at github.com
Sat Apr 25 12:46:09 UTC 2020

Report 25 April:

19 April ID payout tx 64a3db5d80a07233d5afe9863ef2a9a689f2c0df196f6bce857c8aaf2479ac70 -0.032026
collateral tx a574e8e94412ceb823b23f1d727d8597f30a6003d051210f1e75ae5d65de9942

19 April ID payout tx 3ed16dc0ce8326b6f1716e5458b1e5802eaa84c9ed932b0ac2d9182bc1c022b2 -0.022026
collateral tx fe0d9f6b60d907106e09f44b229d43294708c73c7c92910708db2249dd051a5f

24 April ID
payout to buyer  0.28758206 BTC address * tx c18820ce54ff14cd57e512b56348da2d8e8c19a92b9dde7bfbe450225866b0b5
payout to seller 0.03754972 BTC address * tx 4d921dc745ecc91461a11e24e56d307465bc8e429d306cf6a7e14d2bc455bd77
deposit tx 6b2f521db77bc09ae5df11d3bc0110f65d687ef2fd28642511fcb29dffa56d21 which later goes to the donation address. This was reported by leo on Keybase and not sent to me in the app.

I now lack 1.33589 BTC and 120418.38 BSQ (which is being voted upon for reimbursment). I also have a dispute for 2.6 BTC that will be paid out shortly.

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