[bisq-network/bisq] Implement simple password-based gRPC authentication (#4189)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Sun Apr 26 15:12:14 UTC 2020

Good questions, thanks. I'd like the overall model and feel of bisq-cli to match that of bitcoin-cli, but not slavishly so. As we progress, we'll probably find many reasons to diverge in ways big and small. In this particular case, I find the wallet encryption-related bitcoind rpc method names and design to be somewhat haphazard, i.e. not particularly coherent or intuitive. It's good to be informed by what bitcoind has done, so as not to naively reinvent things, but having been so informed, I'm happy to take a fresh cut at our own equivalents while we have a relatively blank design slate. And note that we should deviate in any case from the 'passphrase' term they use to the 'password' phrase we have used throughout Bisq's history and UI.

> wouldn't it be nice if we stuck to bitcoin-cli's method and parameter names where appropriate? If we did, many new users would intuitively know how to use bisq-cli without even having to look at --help.

Users will need to refer to --help output or other documentation frequently when using the Bisq rpc api and cli whether or not the methods in question closely match their bitcoind analogs. The overlap in these particular methods exists only because Bisq and Bitcoin Core share a common 'wallet' subdomain; as we get deeper into designing methods specific to Bisq's trading domain, our two APIs will differ greatly. More important than parity with bitcoind's api design is that our own api design is internally consistent, following a set of design principles that allow users to intuit and predict what functionality they need is likely to be called, and where that functionality does not yet exist, to afford contributors the ability to name and design things correctly out of the gate according to those principles and conventions.

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