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Thu Apr 30 08:39:45 UTC 2020

On cycle 13, Japanese should be finally translated, Italian will be available for bisq-desktop and Czech too (thanks to a voluntary contributor, as Czech is not a core language) and the rest of languages except Russian will be kept up to date. 
This is the [budget](https://cryptpad.fr/sheet/#/2/sheet/view/yyTkVJCDmOlqo+JxVNDGIgimnf2+mS2ufbxtX4A+IpY/) for cycle 13:


The translation board has been moved to [cryptpad](https://cryptpad.fr/kanban/#/2/kanban/edit/NEP7CObyAx73QrL+TzIK6Zxl/). Contributors can edit the board without registering.

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