[bisq-network/proposals] Establish project management process (#182)

Florian Reimair notifications at github.com
Thu Apr 30 10:08:32 UTC 2020

amendment to my previous comment:

Having regular reviews is also very important to review project proposals and decide on them.
- Having a mandatory headline "Why now?" and a creation date "4 Weeks ago" does not go together well.
- Also, not deciding on (or at least discussing) such proposals leads to no movement at all. And by design, these projects are about something bigger than gui changes, they kind of shape the mid and long-term future of Bisq. Granted, they might not be as easy to decide on as a gui change, but not deciding on them results in Bisq getting stuck (again).

So in order to keep Bisq "moving", I would suggest a bi-weekly call to discuss the proposals.

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