[bisq-network/growth] China CNY / BTC Market Maker Bounty 1000 $BSQ (#135)

mys67 notifications at github.com
Thu Feb 6 05:58:44 UTC 2020

Just so you guys know, the Chinese love red. Their stock market shows gains as red, not green.
I would recommend inverting your color scheme, when the language is set to Chinese.
Also, there is a large Monero mining community there. If you had xmr as a base pair you would probably have more volume, as those guys want to convert their XMR back into CNY after mining. But, they may want to convert CNY if their country continues to pump money into their market.
Another insight, there are a lot of Chinese in the United States with access to CNY and obviously access to tor without configuring a tor relay. Just some food for thought.

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