[bisq-network/bisq] Make seednode installer into multi-use bisq installation script (#3943)

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Thu Feb 6 10:27:21 UTC 2020

Replaces #3942 (sorry for the last minute change)

This script will now be able to start any Bisq node entrypoint, for use with Bisq seednode, Bisq pricenode, Bisq statsnode, etc. and adds necessary new configuration variables for these use cases:

* Renames the `bisq-seednode` service to generic `bisq` service
* Allows specifying Bisq entrypoint as a configuration setting
* Allows setting an external Bitcoin node not running on localhost
* Allows running a non-fullnode (for use cases such as Markets API)
* Allows enabling dump of Bisq Markets data to JSON files

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-- Commit Summary --

  * Split seednode systemd service ExecStart command into multiple lines
  * Add setting in seednode configuration to specify btcnode host/port
  * Tweak seednode torrc configuration options to improve P2P connectivity
  * Require bitcoin.service from bisq-seednode.service via systemd binding
  * Make seednode installer run from master and build bisq from release tag
  * Seednode must be shutdown using `kill -9` until #3884 is fixed
  * Fix seednode uninstall script to use correct service names
  * Disable CircuitBuildTimeout in seednode Tor configuration
  * Disable seednode torrc advanced configuration options for now

-- File Changes --

    M seednode/bisq-seednode.env (6)
    M seednode/bisq-seednode.service (23)
    M seednode/install_seednode_debian.sh (12)
    M seednode/torrc (16)
    M seednode/uninstall_seednode_debian.sh (7)

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