[bisq-network/bisq-website] 28ddb4 - The markets page is publishing duplicates of trades (#338)

huey735 notifications at github.com
Sun Feb 9 16:01:59 UTC 2020

### Description

The bisq.network/markets page is publishing the same trade twice seemingly for all markets. This issue seems to have started on February 7th 2020. From looking at the big markets, the first instance of the issue seems to be at 15h33m10s for the EUR market.

### Screenshots
![Screenshot from 2020-02-09 15-43-31](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/44140017/74105245-04e9f900-4b54-11ea-8589-e3bd05602060.png)
![Screenshot from 2020-02-09 15-43-51](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/44140017/74105246-05828f80-4b54-11ea-9b53-91f4a1d1312b.png)
![Screenshot from 2020-02-09 15-58-17](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/44140017/74105393-34e5cc00-4b55-11ea-81c3-a6a296538643.png)

@wiz @ripcurlx I think I caught you discussing it, so I thought I'd mention you both here.

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