[bisq-network/bisq-website] Russian lang (#339)

FKrauss notifications at github.com
Mon Feb 10 08:44:53 UTC 2020

Added the two missing strings on the ` bisq-website/_data/languages.yml ` folder

Should be good to go now
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-- Commit Summary --

  * started the russian integration
  * added dao content RU
  * added the navigation menu
  * added russian parameters, but missing 2 strings
  * included a few more lines of what to do
  * small fixes that made it work
  * minor tweaks to missing strings
  * final fixes
  * changed the lang code to lower case
  * changed some doublequotes that weren't in other langs
  * made the RU files look more like pt-pt
  * doing some gymnastics to decapitalize the file name
  * second move gymnastics
  * added the final detail to the tutorial file
  * Make ru/ contents same as RU/ contents
  * Remove RU folder
  * Add pgp signature on downloads page
  * Update software version for updated stats
  * Add suggestion from earlier
  * Added the missing two strings

-- File Changes --

    M _data/dao_content_tr.yml (44)
    M _data/languages.yml (6)
    M _data/main_nav_tr.yml (29)
    A _data/ru.yml (294)
    M _includes/how_to_update.md (17)
    A ru/community.md (37)
    A ru/dao.html (322)
    A ru/downloads.html (93)
    A ru/faq.html (181)
    A ru/images/DAO/dao_benefits.svg (195)
    A ru/images/DAO/dao_how.svg (414)
    A ru/images/DAO/dao_intro.svg (360)
    A ru/images/DAO/dao_what.svg (238)
    A ru/images/DAO/dao_why.svg (1082)
    A ru/images/bisq_screen0.png (0)
    A ru/images/bisq_screen0.svg (1)
    A ru/images/bisq_screen1.png (0)
    A ru/images/bisq_screen1.svg (1)
    A ru/index.md (46)
    A ru/markets.html (196)
    A ru/stats.html (37)
    A ru/vision.md (51)

-- Patch Links --


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