[bisq-network/growth] China CNY / BTC Market Maker Bounty 1000 $BSQ (#135)

RadishXN notifications at github.com
Thu Feb 13 17:02:09 UTC 2020

I claim this bounty.
> 1. Keeping at least **2 BUY** and **2 SELL** offers live during 1 month.

I have keep 2 BUY and 2 SELL alive. And so far I still keep 2 BUY and 2 SELL alive.

> 2. Attracting other traders to the market through marketing, communication, social media...

1. I have done some introduction about what is bisq. And do some research about Bisq and Chinese BTC market.Then I found that China have a wide market that need we to active it, which means maybe more AD will be a choice. Some people need this kind of market to hide thier ID but they can't found this right APP.

2. I have get some users from telegram. And Chinese would like to do some purchase  avioding providing their ture ID on telegram.It's a huge market but so few of them heard about Bisq making this app can't take it advantage.

3. Alilpay and wechat pay take a huge market of Chinese pay,but that doesn't mean Bisq don't have chance. Instead some Chinese are realize the importance of hiding their ID. So I believe Chinese market will grow prosperous soon. 

> 3. Completing at least 5 trades.

As the picture said, I have done 6 offers,and because my introduce,some chinese for the first time know the Bisq and would like to take part in it.

> 4. Report with feedback here on the details of the trades (payment method used, problems encountered, suggestions for improvement, fees paid, time it took to complete the trade).

1. The network of Bisq make a immense obstacle of Chinese users. And even to me it is a litter annoying. And as I have said that wechat pay and Ailipay has a very convenient usage experience for the most of Chinese.So the network of Bisq will be the most significant part to prove. I mean Chinese do have a large market .If Bisq want take part of it,then the improve of network is absolutly needed. Ban by GFW,which means lose a huge amount of users.

2. The Bisq is based on Java. It will take a sea amount of memory of computer. It may need to improve .But more important is that most Chinese don't have enough expericence to run a sever that can put their offer alive all day.And believe me the price of Chinese local severs are ridiculously high. So it's hard for quite a lot of Chinese to put thier offers alive. I don't know if there is a way to improve it, but I do believe it need improve.

3. The lackness of adverting. Adverting is needed,China have a great market. So Bisq is a great APP,but so few of Chinese know it.Because we don't get enough advertisement. Maybe not some 
AD that cost a huge pirce but at least a AD that can make people need Bisq or hide their ID know it.
I believe this is important. ps. maybe on some telegram channel.

> 5. Attend at least 1 live Bisq Growth call to answer questions and provide feedback on the experience.

I will participant the next Growth call.But I don't know the time of it.

Thank you.

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