[bisq-network/bisq] Utilizing the Enable Checkbox Results in Random-Like Results When Multiple Orders Exist (#3984)

dav1dpgit notifications at github.com
Tue Feb 18 10:35:54 UTC 2020

### Description
When multiple orders are open, when trying to utilize the "Enable" checkbox to deselect and select what order should be displayed, multiple orders appear to change their classification from Enabled to Disabled, or Disabled to Enabled, across multiple positions with a single click.

I do not think this actually causes any orders to change in reality outside of the intended toggle target, but cannot be sure.

#### Version

### Steps to reproduce
Create multiple bids and offers across many currencies.  In my case, the number of open orders are above 30, and the list of open orders on the PORTFOLIO=>MY OPEN ORDERS extends below the bottom of the screen.  Scroll down below the bottom of the screen (this is important to cause the bug.)  Upon attempting to enable or disable a given transaction after scrolling down—particularly after resorting the list by buy/sell or by currency—the results are not as expected.

### Expected behaviour
Only the selected trade should be toggled between enabled and disabled.

### Actual behaviour
Multiple transactions toggle between enable and disable, sometimes not including the actual intended toggle target trade.  It is difficult to discern whether the list resorts, as well.

### Screenshots
Prior to scrolling down:

Slight scroll down:

Results after clicking the 7th trade on the list (one click); note the changes at the bottom:

#### Device or machine
PC Windows 10

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