[bisq-network/bisq] Create metric to monitor network size (#3916)

Florian Reimair notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 19 16:02:04 UTC 2020

I just had a call with @m52go and we agreed on utilizing the monitor for growth efforts as well.

Altogether, I will see if I can get these metrics up and running:
- network size
- trades per timespan


- offer creations per timespan
- a more detailed view of the offerbook. right now, we see how many (buy/sell) offers are there per market [(there)](https://monitor.bisq.network/d/GSTkGblmz/trading-stats?orgId=1&refresh=5m)
  - volumes on offer per market (lets us see what the most important markets are for Bisq)
  - distribution of traders vs. offers per market (eg 432 trades have 25 offers each, only 31 trades have 2 offers each)
  - distribution of traders vs. volume per market (eg. 432 traders create 5 BTC of the total volume on offer, however, 31 traders create 25 BTC of volume, or the top 25% of traders (by volume) are responsible for 90% of the total volume)
  - distribution of offers vs. volume per market (eg. there are 4 offers worth 5 BTC each but there is no offer < 1 BTC)

Budgeting-wise: the offerbook enhancements will also be a couple of hours of work although more complex than the trade rate - I guesstimate I will need an additional 750 USD. Please let me know if I shall get started there as well.

- while I am at it, I will check if we can get info on how long an offer is online until its taken. Down the road, we might use this info to get an idea on how a "good" offer looks like and why it has been taken faster than others. Actually implementing that is for another time, however.

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