[bisq-network/growth] Litecoin LTC/BTC Volume Booster Bounty 500 $BSQ (#178)

bounhun notifications at github.com
Thu Feb 27 07:12:52 UTC 2020

There's been only 3 trades for 0.0639 BTC in total. I don't know how to explain this results comparing them to ETH results. Maybe is just a bad streak. There were more offers from other traders in previous periods as well.
One of the offer is in moderation because the other part has not responded and I guess I'll still have to wait for refund agent to come. This takes too many time for a simple case like mine, the other part is trying to do a future trade.

**Offer structure**

Spreads are reduced again for big offers.

BTC | Spread % 
0.015 | 0.80
0.03 | 1.00
0.06 | 1.5
0.1 | 1.9
0.25 | 2.3

0.6, 0.1 and 0.25 offers will reduce 0.1% their spread daily until they reach the higher level. 0.015 offers won't be always available.

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