[bisq-network/proposals] Change model for asset listing (#153)

Maik Broemme notifications at github.com
Sat Jan 4 00:19:12 UTC 2020

> > have strayed far from @ManfredKarrer original vision for this project.
> No, supporting shitcoins was never a goal of Bisq. Supporting novel altcoins which have done some interesting technical or conceptual achievements is a goal.

@ManfredKarrer Please keep in mind original goal of Bisq to be an decentralized exchange without centralized control. If there will be an instance which decides by nontransparent rules which asset will be listed it fundamentally contradicts this design principle.

As an intermediate step - to avoid serious drastic changes as a single step - I would force people to keep their original PR updates. I see a lot of PRs where people are dumb and don't know how to squash commits or forgot to sign them. As first step we should apply the following:

1. Force people to squash commits, rather than opening new ones again and again. Yes it is some teacher work, but in long-term it will help and reduce duplicated asset listing PRs.
2. Create a protected branch and enforce signed commits. It will immediately avoid PRs without signed commits. I see many PRs with comment like: "Please sign your commits".

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