[bisq-network/bisq-website] Replace Google Fonts with self hosted fonts (#324)

Riccardo Masutti notifications at github.com
Wed Jan 8 02:34:59 UTC 2020

There was a conversation a couple of days ago from website devs and one of them asked me if having Google Search Console installed would be privacy invading or not.
I replied by saying that privacy is already broken by embedding Google Fonts.

> By using our APIs, you agree that Google can use submitted information in accordance with our privacy policies, such as http://www.google.com/privacypolicy.html

If we want to guarantee privacy to our users, it is necessary to remove Google Fonts and replace with self-hosted.
This PR replace Google Fonts with self hosted fonts on bisq.network website.

I have done several researches and spent many hours to make sure that this change does not detract from support for our users.
There are in fact different types of fonts. I decided to include only [.woff and .woff2](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_Open_Font_Format) (less heavy, faster website loading) which are supported from:

- Firefox since version 3.6
- Google Chrome since version 6.0
- Internet Explorer since version 9
- Konqueror since KDE 4.4.1
- Microsoft Edge
- Opera since version 11.10
- Safari 5.1
- other WebKit-based browsers since WebKit build 528

After a careful analysis of the website visits (differentiated by browser version) through Matomo, I came to the conclusion that **this change affects ~ 0.01% of our users**.

In fact, it has emerged that, from mid-August to today, **only 114 users have used extremely obsolete browsers**. In particular:
- Internet Explorer <9 **112**
- Safari <5.1 **2**

If this PR is approved, I will do the same for the documentation.
You can view, comment on, or merge this pull request online at:


-- Commit Summary --

  * Replace Google Fonts with self hosted fonts
  * Add self hosted fonts
  * Remove M Plus font from primary css
  * Create japanese only css file for font
  * Add japanese-only css

-- File Changes --

    M _layouts/default.html (5)
    A css/jafont.scss (14)
    M css/styles.scss (137)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-mono-v5-latin-200.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-mono-v5-latin-200.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-100.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-100.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-100italic.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-100italic.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-200.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-200.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-200italic.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-200italic.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-300.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-300.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-300italic.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-300italic.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-500.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-500.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-500italic.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-500italic.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-600.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-600.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-600italic.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-600italic.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-700.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-700.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-700italic.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-700italic.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-italic.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-italic.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-regular.woff (0)
    A fonts/ibm-plex-sans-v7-latin-regular.woff2 (0)
    A fonts/m-plus-rounded-1c-v10-latin-regular.woff (0)
    A fonts/m-plus-rounded-1c-v10-latin-regular.woff2 (0)

-- Patch Links --


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