[bisq-network/growth] Russia RUB / BTC Market Maker Bounty (#160)

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Thu Jan 9 09:23:48 UTC 2020

@chimp1984  I agree that there must be better ways. We have done many experiments and should continue to try new things. 

However I absolutely do not think you should focus on the trades, but rather on the fact that the market maker has kept live offers for more than a month and made efforts to attract users. Trades by themselves could be easily spoofed... but locking up funds for months in live offers and keeping Bisq running every day is a larger committment.

Also bear in mind that having earned 1000 BSQ that person is now incentivized to continue to use Bisq (if only to sell the BSQ) for a few months and normally will continue to attempt to start-up their local market as well as provide feedback on how to improve localisation efforts.

Is 1000 BSQ too much? should we ask for more work or more results? Maybe. I would still recommend that we honour this bounty and maybe change extant bounties as a result of this discussion.

I tend to think that it is better to ask for more work rather than reducing the bounty. We've tried smaller bounties before with little success.

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