[bisq-network/bisq] Revert introduction of Kotlin compilation to the build (#3887)

Chris Beams notifications at github.com
Fri Jan 10 19:59:00 UTC 2020

This PR is the second in a series of PRs leading up to a larger refactoring effort. It should be merged immediately after PR #3886.

Note that I originally authored this commit without being aware of the exact same commit having been submitted by @christophsturm in PR #3235. I have since followed up on the discussion there, and even though that PR was closed due to @fremair's open NACK, I am submitting this change again, strongly suggesting that it get merged for the reasons detailed in the commit message below. There are a number of additional changes we need to make to speed up the build, and this would be one of them in any case. There is simply no rationale for leaving this change in place as it was originally made, as it drains valuable developer time every time they run a build. I did not measure the amount of time it sucks up, and it was obvious to me that I didn't need to. Every time I ran a build, I stared at the `compileKotlin` task sitting there eating up cycles and time.

Let's please be pragmatic here and just get rid of this, at least for now. Please note that this is coming from someone who likes Kotlin very much; it's just not appropriate to keep in place in the overly-broad way it was applied and without adding any value.

    f4ae5d312 (Chris Beams, 5 weeks ago)
       Revert "Apply kotlin plugin and convert one unused class to kotlin"

       This reverts commit 26c053dae80006338cb3df2e1ec6618cdcf58ff8 because Kotlin
       compilation slows down the build, was applied too broadly to all modules
       instead of just the one that needed it, and most importantly because we
       never actually went ahead with converting anything of importance to Kotlin.
       The commit being reverted was basically a demo, converting a single test
       type to show what kind of difference it would make.

Please disregard the additional non-Kotlin related commits in this PR. They are part of PR #3886 and will disappear here when that PR is merged.
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-- Commit Summary --

  * Ignore Structure101 Workspace files
  * Revert "Apply kotlin plugin and convert one unused class to kotlin"
  * Do not strip trailing whitespace in Git diffs

-- File Changes --

    M .editorconfig (3)
    M .gitignore (1)
    M build.gradle (2)
    A p2p/src/test/java/bisq/network/p2p/storage/mocks/MockData.java (88)
    D p2p/src/test/java/bisq/network/p2p/storage/mocks/MockData.kt (39)

-- Patch Links --


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