[bisq-network/growth] China CNY / BTC Market Maker Bounty 1000 $BSQ (#135)

RadishXN notifications at github.com
Mon Jan 13 16:14:41 UTC 2020

> ### China CNY / BTC Market Maker Bounty
> To claim this bounty the contributor must make a market in Bisq CNY/BTC for 1 month.
> https://bisq.network/markets/?currency=btc_cny
> This will involve:
> 1. Keeping at least **2 BUY** and **2 SELL** offers live during 1 month.
> 2. Attracting other traders to the market through marketing, communication, social media...
> 3. Completing at least 5 trades.
> 4. Report with feedback here on the details of the trades (payment method used, problems encountered, suggestions for improvement, fees paid, time it took to complete the trade).
> 5. Attend at least 1 live Bisq Growth call to answer questions and provide feedback on the experience.
> ### Bounty: 1000 $BSQ

Hi,I would like to take part in this issue. So how can I star with? And who should I talk with? Thx

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