[bisq-network/proposals] Require DAO vote and application fee to add new crypto assets, and call DAO vote to keep or remove currently listed crypto assets (#159)

MwithM notifications at github.com
Mon Jan 13 23:58:16 UTC 2020

> Nº 1 for obvious reasons. For nº 2 Bisq offers obvious advantages over all other exchanges and should dominate this market. Nº 3 allows a fast way to trade BTC for a fiat derivative while avoiding the problems of fiat payment systems, so it is ideal for traders who do a large % of volume.

> Bisq really should dominate the Monero, ZEC markets and capture at least 10% of their volume. We really need to discover what is missing to make this possible. I find it quite astonishing that Bisq does less than 1% of XMR volume while KYC exchanges like Binance do 15%+.
> **USDT** (Tether) is huge in volume. We should add it. It's a Bitcoin-based coloured coin based on omnilayer protocol. We could even have atomic swaps between USDT and BTC on Bisq.
> **USDC** (USD Coin) also has large volumes. It's on Bisq, but with no activity... maybe a small effort should be made to kickstart it.

@flix1 I agree with your view but:
In the top 10 at coingecko there are assets like xrp that cannot even be considered cryptocurrencies and thus shouldn't be listed. Monero is out of that top ten so I imagine Bisq needs to create its own top ten where bch is not even considered for obvious and already known reasons.

Stablecoins are very useful but usdc and usdt are centralized currencies that I don't think they share Bisq values so it should be considered carefully if they ought to be listed. There could be legal implications too.
They are backed by fiat supposedly held in a bank account by a corporation. One call from the bad guys and these stablecoins are useless.

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