[bisq-network/proposals] Require DAO vote and application fee to add new crypto assets, and call DAO vote to keep or remove currently listed crypto assets (#159)

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Tue Jan 14 09:48:20 UTC 2020

@MwithM Yes stablecoins are centralized, but so are fiat bank payments. Bisq is a bridge. Bisq users deal with centralized systems every time they use Revolut, Faster payments, SEPA or Zelle....

>From the point of view of UX, speed and privacy stablecoins are better than SEPA or WeChatPay. Intermes of volume they are huge and will be even bigger. I expect in the coming years many banks, governments and companies will issue stablecoins.

Being aware of the risks, I would not ignore the opportunities...

As a trading platform that cares about volume we should be aware that 90% of the volume is done by traders and speculators (just the same as in the FX world), not by industry hedgers or final users. 

Speculators and traders, especially high frequency traders, care a lot about speed of execution, APIs, liquidity and being able to lock in profits. Stablecoins serve this purpose well in several ways... "altcoin instant" as a payment method is the fastest settlement method thta Bisq has (at least until we can get atomic swaps or equivalent done).

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