[bisq-network/compensation] For Cycle 9 (#462)

Harry MacFinned notifications at github.com
Fri Jan 17 10:22:15 UTC 2020

I didn't and I don't ask BSQs for the scripts.
Even if I rewrote and rewrite slightly the scripts regularly due to changes here and there.

The raw 1st layer monitoring is done by the scripts and, apart from script maintenance, doesn't cost much.
The cost comes from that the 1st monitoring layer is insufficient by itself.
I have to **manually** check and validate the different alerts. Main cost is here.
(And imo, writing scripts to do the 2nd layer monitoring is too much work. At least for me).
I get at minimum ~ 1000 alerts mails / week from Bisq pricenode monitoring (can be much more). I browse this generally very fastly, but I have regularly to verify from within my tor browser if a timestamp/deviation/disconnection alert is really one or not. 95% of time, it's not ... but I cannot know in advance which are the real 5% alerts.
All in all, **on average**, this eats me ~15 minutes per day, which is ~2 hours/week, which sums as 8 hours/month. And I ask 50$/hour, which leads to 400$/month.
Please notice that, taking in account Bisq's worries, I let my request in BSQ inchanged, even if unfortunately BSQ prices is decreasing.

Anyway, I can understand that, given the low Bisq usage those times, this spending on monitoring pricenodes which function well more than 95% of time may be considered as questionable. The vote will answer this question.

>From my side, I maintained this (rather boring) monitoring until now as a service to the Bisq network (and I myself use the Bisq DEX market place extremely few).
I will unfortunately not be able to do this job for a market place (where users hopefully make money) for less than 400 BSQ. It would make no sense from my point of view.
(I'm already doing unpaid work to help beneficiaries who don't have money. But I cannot count Bisq users in this category).

The vote will decide if this monitoring will be maintained by me or not.
If my CR is not voted, I'll do my best to help (if wanted) to transfer the role, but for myself, I'll have to stop.

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