[bisq-network/roles] Transifex Admin (#20)

Aruna Surya notifications at github.com
Mon Jan 20 21:36:08 UTC 2020

# 2020.12 Report (cycle 9)

Two languages were added to the list of core languages: Italian and traditional Chinese (Taiwan). 

Total BSQ spent on the project: 9,350.99

Chinese (China and Taiwan): 4,281.32
Transifex admin (primary): 2900
Spanish: 593.95
Russian: 555.14
Technical support (adding Chinese, etc): 500
French: 361.58
Website work: 100
Portuguese: 59

There was a slight increase in activity in the desktop & website projects, and an increase in the subtitles.

![Jan 2020 desktop](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/43150241/72757992-6d832d00-3bc9-11ea-8b87-ba5504f89173.png)

![Jan 2020 website](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/43150241/72758000-7411a480-3bc9-11ea-9db3-3c7e1267466e.png)

![Jan 2020 subtitles](https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/43150241/72758006-78d65880-3bc9-11ea-8958-ede398836228.png)

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