[bisq-network/bisq] POC Bisq gRPC for gRPC and REST clients (#4275)

Stan notifications at github.com
Wed Jun 3 18:17:57 UTC 2020

I was semantically wrong to characterise this gateway proxy as something that enables Bisq to work with RESTful clients.  So... oops.  Doing so was a time eater.  

What it does is expose one web endpoint mapped to the single gRPC service.  This single gRPC service performs all implemented Bisq functions, whether requests come from a browser (HTTP 1.1) or gRPC client (HTTP2).

Instead of using URL element paths for passing method names & parameters, all method names & params are passed in the request body, like a web form.  That's not RESTful.  I was trying to combine most of the thoughts @cbeams recorded for the #grpc-api channel ( keybase://team/bisq/2020-05-18%20api%20next%20steps ) into one experiment:  just have a single pass-through gRPC service that takes method names + parameters, and expose the one gRPC service to RESTful web clients.  (This kind of web client is not RESTful.)

Right now (if using go grpc-gateway), I can only think of one way of implementing a single pass-through gRPC service that could serve gRPC and RESTful clients:

1. Use the POC's `CallService#call(String[] params)`, or something similar, to serve all gRPC clients.  (Keep the client simple.)

2. For RESTful clients, define a gRPC service for each method, and use those gRPC services as pass throughs to the above gRPC `CallService#call(String[] params)`.

    `/method1/param1/val1` maps to gRPC service `Method1Service#call(param1, ..., paramN)`, `Method1` returns `CallService#call(String[] params)`

    `/method1/param1/val1/paramN/valN` maps to gRPC service `Method1Service#call(param1, ..., paramN)`, `Method1` returns `CallService#call(String[] params)`
    `/method2/param/val` maps to gRPC service `Method2Service#call(param)`, `Method2` returns `CallService#call(String[] params)`
[Go grpc-gateway](https://github.com/grpc-ecosystem/grpc-gateway) protos can be used to map multiple URLs with the same base path element to a single gRPC method, but each unique method (with a unique base path element) needs to be mapped to a unique gRPC service.

I didn't do that because I wanted to see how exposing one gRPC service to gRPC and web clients might work.  

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